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This is my graphics community. You will find all of my icons, signatures, and wallpapers here. You will be able to request things from here in the future, but for now until I can get things set up properly I won't be taking requests. Please feel free to join the community to see future updates.

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August 4th, 2007
New Layout [

[ mood | cranky ]

After a long and trying time, I have finally put up a new layout. I honestly can't understand how people sit through working with all that coding and making sure everything is perfect. There were times I thought about ripping my hair out. Between dealing with the coding and my computer randomly rebooting while I was either working on installing and checking the layout or when I was actually making the layout...hence part of the reason for wanting to rip out my hair.

As you can see in the post below this one, there is a Hangeng Banner that looks identical to the layout image. When I made the Banner, I thought it turned out nicely and wanted to use it again. Plus...that was one sexy ass picture of Hangeng, so I couldn't resist the urge to use it.

I don't think the layout is perfect and frankly, I'm tired and cranky, so I will do some fixing later on when I notice a problem.

July 24th, 2007
Daily Icon - HanGeng [

[ mood | cranky ]

I have decided to take on a few 'Icon' Challenges. This would be the 2nd.
This is for my claim of HanGeng of Super Junior for daily_icon

China BoyCollapse )

July 24th, 2007
Daily Icon - Kim Jong Woon (Yesung) [

[ mood | cranky ]

I have decided to take on a few 'Icon' Challenges. This would be the 1st.
This is for my claim of Kim Jong Woon (Yesung) of Super Junior for daily_icon

Cloud PrinceCollapse )

July 22nd, 2007
Lee Junki Poll [

[ mood | exhausted ]

Yes...yes I know that the poll icons are quite late, and no I haven't forgotten about them. Things have just been crazy crazy crazy here with me. I will be doing the others, I promise.

So here are the Junki poll icons. Some of them I absolutely love, while others...Meh...

Lee Junki
Total = 18

On to itCollapse )

July 19th, 2007
Tutorials Post #2 [

[ mood | busy ]

I decided to make a couple of tutorials since I was bored and needed something to do. Some of the resources I don't remember where I got them from, so I don't have links to the places I got them from.

These involve curves and levels. They were written in PSP 8 but I'm sure you can translate to other programs if so desired.

YehHyuk - Go from this to this
Seung Ri - Go from this to this

Are you ready?Collapse )

March 7th, 2007
Super Junior Set 1 & 2 [

[ mood | gloomy ]

Here are two sets of Super Junior Icons that I made.
Technically Set 2 was made first, but when I started uploading I started with
the ones that I had just finished.
Set 1
Total = 18

Set 2
Total = 54

Rock This HouseCollapse )

February 8th, 2007
Bada - Poll Set [

[ mood | crappy ]

Here is the set for Bada per the poll I did.
I do hope that you enjoy them, since I had quite a bit
of fun making them.

Total - 18

Not the little girl anymore...Collapse )

February 5th, 2007
Beauty of Woo Hyuk [

[ mood | frustrated ]

Here is the first set of icons per the poll I did at overy_graphics.
I had no doubts that Woo Hyuk would be the first set that I would be making.
I will give it a few more days, before I start another set from the poll.

If you would still like to vote, you can HERE.

Jang Woo Hyuk - H.O.T//JTL//Solo
H.O.T - 10
JTL - 10
Solo - 10
Total - 30

Read more...Collapse )

January 26th, 2007
Tutorial #1 - Heechul Gothic [

[ mood | my ass hurts ]

*I haven't written a tutorial in several years. So I'm sorry if any part is confusing.*

This is a tutorial that was requested by shintotchi a few weeks back.
I am writing this up in both Photoshop CS and Paint Shop Pro 8. Both are pretty much
the same with just a few different settings.

If you were here...Collapse )

January 21st, 2007
Multi - Fan Love 3 [

[ mood | w/headache ]

Multi Fan Love post 3...

Feel free to join the community to keep tabs of updates.

x3 Trax
x6 Battle
x10 Eru
x13 Buzz
x20 H.O.T - Woohyuk, Kangta, Jaewon
x36 Super Junior
x7 Random (DBSG, Xing, Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Suk, H.I.M)

Total = 95


All of these icons were done in the last few weeks, so no olds in this batch. My next post will consist of icons that I have made in past months. The random's set is Yoochun and Yunho from DBSG (yes I know, most should know that, but there may be a few who don't...), Kibum from Xing, Min Ki, Kim Ji Suk, and G01 from H.I.M.

If you were here...Collapse )

November 14th, 2006
Multi - Fan Love 2 [

[ mood | but tired and sick.... ]

Multi Fan Love post 2...

Feel free to join the community to keep tabs of updates.

x6 Bada
x8 H.I.M - G01 and J90
x16 Marily Manson
x18 2Shai - Gonggi and Woohyun
x78 Super Junior

Total = 126


Once again some of these icons were done months ago. Bada icons are pretty old. I would say like maybe 3-4 months old. A few of the Super Junior icons are on the oldish side. Most of them though are quite new. Don't ask about the Marilyn Manson icons. I have no idea why I made those. The H.I.M icons were made while thinking about oulan.

DelightCollapse )

September 18th, 2006
Multi - Fan Love 1 [

[ mood | accomplished ]

My first 'icon' post...

This is the first set of random icons that I have made.
Some are old icons (which aren't the best) while others
are newer ones that I have recently made. I wanted to
post old and new together just to get them all posted.

Feel free to join the community to keep tabs of updates.

Black HoleCollapse )

September 18th, 2006
Award Banners (Updated - 08/09/2007) [

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Banners for Icontests and Challenges -

I don't have many to share, but I am hoping to add more in the future.

BannersCollapse )

September 9th, 2006
Welcome & Resources [

[ mood | blah ]

Hey everyone.
I decided to make my own graphics journal since I spend alot of time making graphics and icons.
I will post all my resources, awards, icons etc here soon.

You will be able to request

Unfortunately, I don't make layouts.

If you use one of my pieces, please make sure to credit me
*amykaidoh01 or overy_graphics

Part of the name for this community is from a Super Junior song - Over.
It's a saying that me and oulan say to each other when the song is mentioned.

Anyways -

You are free to join the community or you can just randomly see my updates if I post a link somewhere else that leads back to here.


This is where you will find all credits for "Resources" used with making icons, banners and wallpapers.
If you are not credited and I have used your stuff please comment and I will add you right
away. I do have quite a few "Resources" that were given to me by friends or just things that I have had for several years now and don't remember at all where I got them from. So again, if you see "resources" here, please let me know so I can credit you.

ResourcesCollapse )

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