Don't act like your sad

cause it's over between us.

It's Overy Graphics
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About This Communtiy
Welcome to overy_graphics
This is my (amykaidoh01's) graphics community.
You will find all of my icons, signatures, and wallpapers here.
You will be able to request things from here in the near future,
but for now until I can get things set up properly I won't be taking
acony_icons mioyani
If you use any of the icons, wallpapers, signatures, etc. that are posted
here, please for the love of all good things credit me properly.
You can credit by using either amykaidoh01 or overy_graphics
unless other wise noted. I have been known to do collaborations with oulan
in the past, hence the other wise noted comment.
I don't think that I have all of my past layouts that I have done documented here.

09/26/2006 - Yesung (Super Junior) <--- oulan
01/26/2007 - KangYeh (Super Junior) <--- oulan

New Layout
08/04/2007 - Hangeng (Super Junior) <--- amykaidoh01
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*I will be updating this soon. If you see that I have used some of your resources
and there is no credit to you, please leave me a small, but polite note and I will
be more than happy to add you. Some resources I have had for very long time and do not
remember where I got them from.
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Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide
and graphics thanks to amykaidoh01